How it works

Invest in professionally managed commercial real estate.

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4 Simple steps to Invest with us


Sign Up

Signing up is a simple, easy, and commitment-free. Upon signing up members are given access to all the investment opportunities listed on the platform


Browse Investments

Start building your investment portfolio from our list of pre-screened real estate deals. View the financial, appraisals, and documents related to the deal in one page.



Click the “Invest now” button on the investment page and enter your funding amount. Sign all the investment documents electronically. The finalization process takes less than 10mins. Transfer the investment funds directly from your checking account or a debit card into a third-party escrow. All accounts are secured by bank-level security systems.


Manage & Track Your Earnings

We keep you updated on the progress of the investment via email. Keep up-to-date with your investments under your investments page and monitor the monthly returns. Once the borrower completes the project and repays the principal plus all interest. You can choose to either withdraw your funds or reinvest in another investment deal.

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