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Our Team

John Delia
CEO/ Co-Founder

John Delia is a prolific real estate investor, entrepreneur and author. He specializes in repositioning value-added properties in inner cities across the American Midwest. An expert deal maker and strategist, he began his career in real estate at age 18. He is the author of Life, Liberty n’ Property: A Guide to Successful Real Estate Investing. John actively manages a portfolio that houses residents from 4 continents and is valued in excess of $1.5 Million. He resides in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife Richelle and their miniature Goldendoodle puppy.

Richelle Delia, Ph.D.
COO, Co-Founder

Dr. Thomas is a science communicator at the intersection of materials science research, ideation and innovation. Currently employed with Owens Corning Science & Technology, she has had roles in process development for residential insulation, corporate sustainability and government affairs. An industrial scientist, she has an interest in structure-property relationships and how they impact the end product/material performance. Her graduate work investigated the use of self-assembling small molecules to create biomimetic architecture within soft polymer scaffolds. She hypothesized that the specific imparted geometry would allow for the creation of artificial environments that closely resemble systems found in vivo. A Fulbright scholar constantly in search of ways to leverage scientific innovation in business and entrepreneurship applications, she completed her PhD in chemical engineering in 2013 researching self assembling small molecules to design materials for neural applications.

Pierre St Juste, Ph.D.
Software Engineering Advisor

After spending fourteen years in academia (from student to professor), Pierre is now learning what it means to be a software engineer. He also learning what it means to be an online educator. His passion for technology continues to open new doors and growth opportunities. Pierre feels extremely fortunate for this path and this journey.