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About Us

Welcome to Housing Joint Venture.
We’re forward-thinking people who want a dual return, both social and financial. We commit our money to communities that need meaningful change. We know doing good and being profitable do not have to be mutually exclusive – in fact, the highest returns occur when values and finances meet.
Our mission is to create a sense of belonging and pride for all people.  We believe in a future where communities are inclusive and residents actively seek diversity, understanding and participation. As a company, we use affordable housing as a vehicle to positively impact families, neighborhoods, and everyday folks who want to grow their disposable income in a way that aligns with their values.  
We also recognize “belonging and pride for all people” involves more than affordable housing; it requires an ecosystem where citizens can live, learn, work, play, and thrive. 
Real estate investing is a fundamental, driving force for creating safe, healthy neighborhoods where families can live and thrive. We believe that investments should produce returns in multiple arenas: for our partners, for our residents, and ultimately for communities historically overlooked by large financial institutions.

Thank you for partnering with us.
John Delia, Founder, CEO.